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Day # 1 - Veronica Mars

Fabulous Fictional Females Fandom Fiesta February

Day 1 – Veronica Mars.


In a month I intend to dedicate to our favorite, fantastic, fabulous, fictional females, there was really only one I could begin with.

As I said last year: Veronica Mars was made for this sort of meme.

She's smart, sassy, snarky, funny, brave, determined, loyal, not willing to be sidelined by anyone or anything, talented, creative, and above all else, REAL.

Sure, there were issues with some of the character development and plot lines in the latter part of the series. But let's celebrate and remember her for what she was and for what she gave to all of us.

Veronica Mars is ...smarter than me.Collapse )


What do you miss/love most about Ms. Mars?


So, do you remember how last year I was all agog about this awesome multi-fandom vid celebrating females from all forms of movies and television?

And then omoo talked about being angry at the common portrayal of women in fiction and we tried to name positive role models [but] had a really hard time, and were a bit depressed by that. And I took up the challenge and I created a Fabulous Fictional Females Love Meme to do just that?

Well, I think it's time we did something like that again.

In fact, I'd like to dedicate the entire MONTH of February to it. That'll give us plenty of time to ponder and post.

This idea actually came to me a while back (the LAST time we were house-bound by winter storms) and I've been pulling images and video clips. My plan is to post about one extraordinary fictional female every day.

Will you join me?

(Drumroll please)

I hearby declare next month as "Fabulous Fictional Females Fandom Fiesta February" (F5 for short)

Spread the word!
I continue to be amused that when I was looking for Burn Notice fanfiction last night, the ad at the top of the page was for The Westin.

ETA: I really didn't have a Burn Notice tag before? Well, I fixed THAT issue!
So, I read fanfic.

Before I became active in fandom/the online community at large, I had no idea of how widespread the world of fanfic truly was.

Any awareness I had of fanfic was mostly negative opinion. How much of the "normal" world probably views it.

Of course, now I know that not only can fanfic be incredibly well-written, but in fact, in some fandoms, fic and fanon are often considered a vast improvement, acting out the full potential canon did not (or could not in the case of cancellation)

But those negative stereotypes exist for a reason. We all know that. Badfic happens.

It's kind of like the nursery rhyme about the little girl with a curl - "when she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid."

However, many pieces, while relatively good in structure and/or content, get regulated to bad because of one little thing. Typos.

(Actually, I'm being generous here. Many of the mistakes I have come across are clearly not a matter of simply misplacing a keystroke or two, but reveal a fundamental lack of vocabulary knowledge.

This goes beyond the chronic misuse of your/you're or their/they're/there. I'm talking about things like "his conscious was bothering him" or "she felt his presents" [instead of "conscience" and "presence"] or the writer who seemed to think that prisoners facing execution were sentenced to "death roll". I believe that was the same individual who had the unlucky typo that made his/her villains using dynamite to destroy a MIND instead of a MINE. Talk about overkill!)

Then there's the typo that inspired me to finally make this post.

The statement was supposed to be "with a wild fury behind her eyes"

What it actually said?

"with a wild furry behind her eyes"


The author is clearly trying to build a dramatic moment, and suddenly I'm cracking up while picturing somebody like this prowling through the jungle!

My point?

Proofreading is your friend.

(Alternately: get your friends to proofread.

Friends don't let friends post typos.)

See A Day-In-The-Life!

So, I don't know if 12-of-12 is still a "thing" or if that is SO last decade, but yesterday was the 12th and I did it. Sort of.

Go and see how very un-exciting my life is.

Not Quite 12 of 12

I always intend to do 12-of-12 but I've only actually ever done it ONCE. A year and a half ago. But now that I have both a) a working camera and b) working internet and c) a new year starting, I decided to try it again.

And I (mostly) succeeded!

Only 7 pictures because a) I forgot it was the twelfth until about 2pm, b) I spent most of the day writing/editing which is not very photo-friendly, c) apparently, I live a rather boring life.

January 2010's Not-Quite 12 of 12Collapse )

Out with Oh-Nine, In with Twenty-Ten

I don't think I have ever been more ready for an old year to end/new year to begin.

It's not that 2009 was so bad. There were some hard times - like the three month battle with my grandfather's illness/hospitals/etc followed by his death. But for the most part it was pretty good.

2008, on the other hand - that was a difficult year. This time last year we were all praying that 2009 would NOT be anything like 2008.

But the last few months of '08 were fairly easy and normal. The last few months of '09? Not so much.

Pretty much since Thanksgiving onwards approximately 40-100% of my family has been struggling with some sort of sickness or ailment.

In late October, my sister (Older-Younger - the former figure skater) got asked to return to Africa for SIX MONTHS. She left the Monday after Christmas and is serving as a sort of house mom/tutor/guidance counselor at the orphanage.

My grandmother (not the recently widowed one) had a severe downtown in her health which also seems to have jumpstarted sudden onset dementia.

Since it's my mom's mom, she has been feeling very emotional - grieving and guilt and concern, etc - and that's not ever easy, but especially not on top of all the other stress in her life during this time.

Oh, yeah, and the Christmas Eve Blizzard (which ended up being more than FOURTEEN INCHES - with drifts as high as 3-4 FEET) As wonderful as it was to have a White Christmas, it was also somewhat difficult logistically to have everyone in the family be completely snowed in.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line ... except when you fly London to Sierra Leone by way of KENYACollapse )

Chicken Soup for the Soul ... Or Not.Collapse )

6 people + 24 hours in a van + 3 days of PMS - 1 outfit = Raligh mini-breakdownCollapse )

Oh, and I finally went to the doctor on Friday to make sure this ongoing congestion/coughing/weariness/etc isn't symptomatic of something more serious. No real answer on that front (he gave me a nasal steroid to lower inflammation and a mild antibiotic in case there's an upper respiratory infection) but another bit of stressful news - my blood pressure was 214/92! (That's about twenty points higher - on BOTH numbers! - then it has ever been before. My doctor didn't really seem worried about it. But he told me to keep an eye on and he wants to see me in another month to doublecheck.

Aside from the health issues and the minor/major disastrous events, there has been quite a few relational/emotional situations that have really caused a MAMMOTH amount of stress. On me personally and within our entire family.

Let's just say I was incredibly glad to hang up a fresh, clean calendar!

And to end this somewhat negative post on a more upbeat note, I will share some of the positive things that are occurring in 2010:

Who's in YOUR Five?Collapse )

IDK, my BFF JillCollapse )

Not Exactly P90-XCollapse )

I'm ready to be a BABE againCollapse )

How are all y'all doing?
You’ve all heard the expression “once in a blue moon” right?

It indicates something rare and uncommon. But just how infrequent IS a “blue moon”?

Technical definitions vary, but generally the second full moon in a single calendar month is considered a “blue moon.” This takes place about every 2.5 years (the last blue moon was in May 2007)

But there’s an even rarer kind of blue moon.

One that falls on New Year’s Eve...something that, as you may have guessed from the very existence of this post, happens tonight(*).

A New Year’s Eve Blue Moon is extremely rare, shining only once every NINETEEN YEARS!

The last occurred in 1990, and it will not happen again until 2028.

So, while you’re ringing in the 2010, take a moment to step outside and get a glimpse of that truly once-in-a-blue-moon, Blue Moon!

(*)Except for Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the Far East. The full moon will rise on the 1st in those time zones, meaning January has two full moons. However, you will have a partial lunar eclipse tonight (which the rest of the world will not) AND furthermore, the existence of a January blue moon means that you folks Down Under will ALSO get the even rarer DOUBLE Blue Moon in 2010! (A Double Blue Moon [two blue moons within a single calendar year] only occurs about four times a CENTURY!!!)
Traditionally, I would be busy preparing to leave for early Christmas Eve service and then heading over to Grandma's for our annual family celebration.

However, all plans have been canceled, so I actually have a few minutes free and I'm sneaking in to post this.

Why have all plans been canceled, you ask?

That would be because the ENTIRE CITY is snowed in!!!!

Yes, the greater Oklahoma City area (and, in fact, most of the state) is experiencing "blizzard-like conditions"

What this means is there is currently 4-to-6 inches of snow on the ground (areas under trees are a little patchier) and it's still coming down!

So much so that from my window I can only vaguely determine the houses across the street! It's like there is a white veil between us!

It's supposed to continue coming down all day and into the night, with the temperature remaining below freezing until Sunday!


We're getting a White Christmas!!!

I know some of you Canadians (and other people from points North) may think it's silly to have a big reaction, but you must understand. This will only be the 13th White Christmas in Oklahoma City since the LANDRUN!

That's an average of about once every ten years. However, I've spent most of my nearly THREE decades of life in Oklahoma and it's never happened before! (There was a massive ice storm in the month of December the year I was 6 and we lost all power, but I believe that hit a day or two AFTER Christmas, because I remember being excited about the possibility of a White Christmas, but nada. - EDIT: I just checked with my mom. Yes, it hit on the 26th. "About 5pm" She remembers because we were cooking dinner and then all the lights and power just shut down.)

I'm due for a White Christmas, people!

I have yet to brave the elements to attempt photos, but here's some other sources to provide you with an idea of what it's like.

This was filmed this morning - conditions are FAR worse now - Like I said, several inches of snow on the ground, big drifts beginning to develop, and a swirling veil of blowing snow continuing to come down.

Here is the weather radar - see those swirly white patches? Covering THE ENTIRE STATE???

We're all thrilled. We never go anywhere for like two, three days anyway (except the aforementioned trips to church and Grandma's house on Christmas Eve) and so we're just hanging out, baking (Momma's Awesome Homemade Sweet Rolls, a favorite tradition), playing games, listening to Christmas music (Michael Buble's and Andrea Bocelli's Christmas albums, among others), handing out a few early presents,...it's awesome!

All of us are thrilled with this development, but Older-Younger Sister is absolutely ecstatic!!!

For the last two MONTHS, all she has talked about is wanting it to snow before she leaves (her plane departs Monday and she'll spend the next 6 months in Africa ...so not a lot of chances for snow again for a long time)

When she awoke to find everything covered in a blanket of white, she was like "I *told* you I was praying for it to snow! - I *KNEW* this would happen! Don't mess with me when I'm asking God to do something!" (She was halfway joking, but, honestly, it's amazing the answers to prayer she has had during this time of preparing for the trip. Snowfall on Christmas Eve was just the cherry on top of a whole pile of mini-miracles.)

And with the current forecast, it looks like by Sunday the roads will clear out and she'll have no delays or complications for her flight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold, but sunny and clear, which equals an afternoon of family snow-fun after a morning of present-opening.


A very blessed holidays to you and your family, whatever weather you may be having.

Fun with imdb

Let’s play a little game! A guessing game. I have selected a dozen tv shows that I like/d (some are current, some off-the-air) and posted the first five keywords listed on that show’s imdb page.

Try to see if you can figure them out.

Click here to guessCollapse )

What's intriguing to me is how many of the same keywords appear on a number of these shows (and others which I didn't select because the first five words were a little too obvious)

Apparently my perfect show would most likely include:
· Voice Over Narration
· Private Investigator
· One Word Title
· Beautiful Woman
· Mastermind
And the word “Relationship” / “Friendship” and/or “Team” should feature heavily.

Bonus points for some variation of “Con Game”, “Comedy”, and probably either “FBI” /“Police”/”Detective” or “Alien” / “Supernatural” (possibly both)


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