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Okay, so I've been putting my F5 plan into action for a week now. With the exception of Day #1 I've hardly gotten any comments.

Is anybody reading these?

Should I alter my methods? Am I selecting characters nobody else has seen or cares about? Am I screwing it up some how, doing posts so badly that it makes even these awesome ladies seem unlikable?

Fair warning: I already have three more weeks of characters listed out and will most likely still go ahead and post them simply for my own amusement, if nothing else.

But if that's the case, I'll quit trying to make a daily post and just pre- or post-date them as needed once I eventually finish.

So, I want to know if any of you care one way or another. (Personally, I LOVE when other people post this sort of thing, but I'm often horrifically bad at commenting and just lurk and enjoy. So, I completely understand if that's what you're choosing to do. No problem.)

Would it help to know in advance? Or do you like the "surprise"?

Here's a preview of the next week's Fab Females:

We've got people from comedies and people from crime shows (and at least one that could be considered a comedy crime show)

We've got reoccurring roles and replacement characters.

We've got cops.

We've got blondes.

We've got tomboys.

We've got doctors.

We've got Canadians!

(Both ones in real life and those who play them on TV. By which I mean there is a Canadian playing an American (actually, there are two of them), a Canadian playing a Canadian, and an American playing a Canadian!)

(And 10,000 super bonus points each if you figure out the three characters/actresses I'm talking about! (100,000 if you guess the fourth, because she's only a repeating guest star.))

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