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Day #7 - Gillian Foster (Lie to Me)

Fabulous Fictional Females Fandom Fiesta February

Day 7 – Dr. Gillian Foster.


The challenge I set myself for this month was not merely to celebrate a different Fictional Female each day, but to find real-world plausible characters.

That means no superpowers, magic, aliens, etc. I am a huge fan of genre shows, especially sci-fi and fantasy. But I really wanted to recognize realistic role models. Women who could, in theory, be living in the same world of today as we do.

Dr. Gillian Foster is one such character.

Lie To Me is my current catch-up show. Every few weeks, when I have some downtime, I'll watch a couple episodes back-to-back on Hulu (typically while knitting and calling out suspicions and deductions at the screen - yes, apparently I *AM* a crazy old lady in a 29-year-old body.)

Fully 90% of the reason I ever watched more than two episodes is due to the awesomeness of Foster.


First, she’s brilliant. This is demonstrated not only in her degree and professional experience (she's a psychologist, not just a PHd) but in the fact that she is a full partner to the series lead.

That's kinda like being qualified enough to run a medical consulting firm with House, or being hand-selected by Sherlock Holmes to help manage his caseload. So she clearly knows her stuff.

Also, unlike those curmudgeons, she doesn’t allow her ability to see through people’s lies and manipulations to make her cynical and bitter. In fact, she has a delightfully cheery and upbeat attitude, *without* being a saccharine Pollyanna.

Being nice doesn't mean she isn't tough. She's faced down terrorists, military commanders, cult leaders, serial killers, mob members, death row inmates, (not to mention her infuriating, childish, manipulative, and just plain RUDE partner!) with complete equanimity.

She's a lady ... with an iron spine.


Her ladylike qualities also extend to wardrobe.

Although she wears feminine clothing, she dresses like a respected professional should – no spaghetti straps! (CSI, I'm looking at you! [among others])

She tends to wear cheerful colors and soft fabrics in classic styles. And is unapologetic in avoiding the black "powersuit" stereotype. ("I'm wearing pink today, Cal. Do you know why? Because I *LIKE* pink! It makes me HAPPY!") Whatever the outfit or situation, she is always classy.

Actually, if New York and DC were closer together I think I would totally have a personal fanon that Elle Burke and Gillian Foster “do lunch” at least weekly. Heck as frequently as Gillian travels for work, I can still picture them scheduling frequent “girl days” with shopping and salon trips and tons of fabulous food and clothing. ...And general classy awesomeness.


But one of the main reasons I like Gillian Foster is ... she's FUN! Not just the love of pink and red and the playful banter and dry wit. She has a sweet tooth and isn’t afraid to indulge it - eating pudding at 10am (followed by a huge "Big Gulp" style-slushie) and talking about diving into a cake with her clothes on.

Who wouldn’t want to know a girl like that?


Finally, unlike in other "genius wrangler" relationships (TM thelana) like House-Cuddy or Jane-Lisbon, Foster really does seem able to pull Lightman back when he's crossed the line. And while he gets patronizing occasionally, mostly he truly seems to respect her intellectual abilities and insight - and heed them ...eventually!

I think he's well aware that he has massive blindspots (even if he chooses to repress and deny them most of the time) and that SHE has great strength in those exact same areas. Which is part of why they work so well together.

Dr. Gillian Foster.

Lie Expert. Sugar Junkie. Clotheshorse. Lady.


Have you seen the show? Tell me what you think of her.


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Feb. 26th, 2010 06:56 am (UTC)
I love her! Seriously, seriously. I enjoy other aspects of the show, but she's the reason I watch, and I feel like she hasn't even had that much to do. She's very well played. She feels DEEP, like there are miles and miles to plumb with her. I'm kinda glad her marriage fell apart, I was feeling pretty guilty about the urge to ship her with Cal.
May. 9th, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
Gillian did not get enough comments! I love the equality in their intellect that shows seem really reluctant to grant to women... (perhaps, Bones is the exception?)

"Who eats pudding at 10 in the morning?" "People who like pudding." ♥

So much love for Gillian Foster!
Sep. 14th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC)
I love the way she dresses!!! She wears classy,sophisticated, sexy clothes and remains respectable and smart and fun. Wow what a role model. Seriously, WHERE does she buy her clothes?! I do want to buy some. Please find us the store!!!!
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