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Day #4 - CJ Cregg (The West Wing)

Fabulous Fictional Females Fandom Fiesta February

Day 4 – CJ Cregg.


In the spirit of complete disclosure, at this point I should probably mention that 1) although the first few ladies are definitely among my favorites, these Fabulous Females are in no specific order 2) furthermore, I do not actually know today's Fab Female that well, since I've only seen an handful of West Wing episodes.

That being said, even if I'd never seen an episode, my awareness of the character merely through fandom osmosis would indicate she should be included on any list of Fantastic Fictional Females.


So, with my limited knowledge, why is it that makes CJ Cregg awesome?

She's an intelligent, educated, successful professional, who excels at her high-demand, stressful career.


She's a mediator and a prankster, and someone who stands up for what she believes in. She can take a massive pratfall into a swimming pool while fully clothed and still manage to make her way back out with aplomb.


She takes no prisoners and isn't afraid to give as good as she gets.

Of course, she isn't without her faults and human qualities, including a strong streak of clumsiness. This appears to extend to a little social awkwardness in her personal life as well. As brilliant as she is at her job (which is basically saying exactly the right thing at the right time) she also seems to have a tendency to put her foot in her mouth.

She's not above gloating, she's willing to admit when she's wrong. She has a good sense of humor and a FANTASTIC laugh.

What I may love best about her is that she doesn't take herself too seriously.



Given my lack of personal experience, I did "research" on YouTube to prepare for this post, and I think my conclusion is: I really, really, really should watch The West Wing, shouldn't I?


Or at least the first few seasons, which I hear are by far the best.

Those of you who are more familiar with her - tell me why YOU love CJ Cregg.



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Feb. 24th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
Wow, I definitely never saw this post, because I love CJ Cregg. Like you, I hadn't seen much of the West Wing, but loved her anyway. Then this past summer I bought the whole series, and the first few seasons are definitely the best and she's fantastic! She has such a great sense of humor, and she's very dedicated to her job and the reporters in her press room. She has a great relationship with the majority of her co-workers as well. And she's super smart and a bit sassy.
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