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Apparently it’s just LJ that hates me? Your guess is as good as mine why my posts weren’t showing up.

I’m currently swamped with preparing for our next workshop but I will get back to finishing and publishing the rest of my month o’ Fabulous Females.

Expect them to begin to reemerge early next week. To avoid difficulties, I’ll probably post again with links to the updates. You can also find them all under my F5 tag.

For the record, here are the ones already completed:

# 1 – The PI with the Persnickity Marshmallow Center
# 2 – The Addict Detective Who is NOT An Angel
# 3 – The Party Planner Married to The Suit
# 4 – The One Who Works for POTUS
# 5 – The Southern Girl Who Wants His and Her Closets
# 6 – The Happiest Goth You’ll Ever Meet
# 7 – The Sweet-Tempered Psychologist with a Sweet Tooth

And this is a list hinting at the remaining heroines:
(See if you can guess who is who – several shows have multiple entries. And one is pretty old-school and random.)

# 8 – The Fangirl Detective
# 9 – The Multilingual Federal Geek
# 10 – The Ordinary-Awesome Big Sister
# 11 – The Most Honest Guest Star We Know
# 12 – The One Who Got Kicked Out of Cheerleading Camp
# 13 – The Girl in the Cool Pants
# 14 – The Former Teenage Pop Star

# 15 – The Team Leader with a Damaged Intensity That’s Quite Attractive
# 16 – The Assassin-Turned-Investigator
# 17 – The One Switched at Birth
# 18 – The Flirty MMORPG Player
# 19 – The Caffeine Addict Single Mother
# 20 – The Trigger-Happy Ex
# 21 – The One Who Got Lyme Disease

# 22 – The Best Daughter Currently On Television
# 23 – The Sceptic (complete post still to come)
# 24 – The Krav Maga Expert Profiler
# 25 – The Aging Broadway Diva
# 26 – The Chain-Smoking Citizen Crimestopper Mother
# 27 – The Divorced Soccer Mom
# 28 – The One Who is a Live-Action Version of Edna Mode

I’ll get around to answering comments when I have the time, but, seriously, guys, thanks for the positive response. It’s really nice to know that people enjoy/appreciate something you’ve worked on, no matter how silly it may be.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Feb. 27th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Apparently it’s just LJ that hates me? Your guess is as good as mine why my posts weren’t showing up.
Oh! That makes so much more sense, because I really hadn't remembered seeing any of the posts after Veronica, and I couldn't figure out why I had no memory of them at all, even if I would have scrolled past since I didn't know the character.

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